Business Review Questionnaire

Thank you for agreeing to provide the information needed for us to start evaluating your business proposition and delivering marketing services that will best match your individual circumstances.

Please complete your contact details and answer the 12 questions below, giving as much detail as you can.

If you would like discuss any elements of this questionnaire, please contact us on: 01753 887 177

  • (please include your postcode)
  • If you have a large menu or price list, please give the lowest & highest price across a few different product categories - or email across a price list. If your services involve an hourly or daily rate, please specify this and include a time / cost estimate for at least one example service.
  • Please estimate their age range, gender (if applicable) and something about their profession, likely income bracket, family situation and / or social interests etc.
  • Please also include any other people or companies involved in supplying, delivering or promoting your business - or providing business support services, such as accountants, IT service providers etc. (Individual names / company names are not required, just the job role or type of service provided is sufficient.)
  • I.e. What other businesses are you aware of that offer a similar range of products and services - and how are you different from one another?
  • Please provide a town name, the area you cover and any other locations that people can purchase your products or services (such as online or through other companies / retail outlets).
  • E.g. business cards, leaflets, posters, brochures, website, social media sites, email campaigns, newsletters, magazine / newspaper advertising, business networking, affiliate marketing, sales representatives, telesales etc.
  • If 'you' are your business describe your personality / appearance / approach to business / the impression you hope people will take away after having met you for the first time. If you are unsure how to answer this question, don't worry, we will go through this question in more detail when we meet.
  • For example how do customers place an order, make a payment, recieve the goods or service etc. and how do you keep track of your business accounts, customer's contact details, supplier relationships (if applicable) etc.
  • For example - to increase sales by 'X' by the end of the year (financial or calendar), to attract how many more customers / projects, launch a new product or service line, increase turnover / staffing levels, reduce costs, move to new premises, attend exhibitions, develop new printed or online promotional materials or campaigns etc?