MetOne – An Office of Learning

MetOne – an Office of Learning


MetOne has been privileged with how we have developed as a company. Not only have we grown clients year on year also our team.

Aaron is the origin of our team base. As Martin worked hard to develop MetOne from the beginning, he needed someone that could help him push the company forward. Aaron joined as a work experience and quickly moved into an apprenticeship. Working closely with Martin he learned the ropes of both Print and Design and later Web/Digital. After he completed his apprenticeship he continued to work closely with the team expanding the foundation of the business and all starting from a simple email talking about work experience.

Without Aaron MetOne would not be in the place it is today allowing Martin to push the company in the right direction while Aaron held down the fort. Many cups of tea have been made and meetings had, this all leads to present day where Aaron now is now one of the most integral parts of the company. This has shown that work experience has been a core part of the company goals to ensure that people from the local area are having the opportunities to show their talents and gain practical expertise to push themselves to the next level.

Year on year Martin has taken on work experience kids from the nearby schools for 1-2 week placements. With a base idea to give them the chance that Aaron had. Countless young adults have come in an shown their incredible artwork and skills and we have tried our best to give them the working knowledge we have to further their skills whether that is to help with further education or give them that push towards a better career. For example one of our proudest moments came within 2016s work placement Natalia. Who after only a week established a relationship with one of our clients and ended up creating a book cover for a published book. A prime example how a strong customer relationship can lead to challenges and experiences. Not only this but Natalia now has a book on her shelf that she designed.

Most recently Matthew has joined the team as our new apprentice. He has shown great talent and his artistic eye has developed his print design work into something to be reckoned with in such a short period of time. He came to us from the Chalfonts Community College in hope to find a part-time job in something that was his passion. Since then he demonstrated himself to be an asset to the team and has now joined us full time following in Aaron’s footsteps to take on an apprenticeship. This has allowed Aaron to push more into digital while Matt follows in his footsteps of learning how to create print and design to the MetOne standard.

MetOne has become a lighthouse for designers in our local community giving young talent a chance to shine and give them the skills and experiences that they need to further their careers. We hope all of our past work experience employees the best in their future careers and we hope that Aaron and Matthew continue to develop into confident strong designers. MetOne truly has become an office of learning.

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