Giraffe Coaching

“Stick your neck out! It’s better to start something, knowing you may not succeed, than never to try.”


This has to be one of my favourite quotes from Giraffe Coaching who are an amazing life-coaching group. When they came to Met1 they were a newly started business giving us a whole range of ideas and goals that they wanted to achieve. The first aspect of any work we do is start at the very beginning. Our work is very much a building process and once you find a personality for the business you can build a design suited to expressing that to the public in a way that speaks to them and tells a story.


Our Design started with a logo, for this logo it was important to stick to the idea of the Giraffe which is really obvious in our work but it was also significant with the term “Stick your neck out”. The art looks incredible and Dave’s work really shines from this piece as he captured the Giraffe centrepiece but also with the focus around the neck and not the complete giraffe. With this completed, it allowed Aaron and Dave to complete other aspects of the project such as their professional, composed and modern looking business cards.


In my opinion the website was one of the most interesting parts of the project,  Aaron took their idea of presenting the business in this composed and controlled nature which supported the ideals of the business and presented it in a fairly new design for a Website. With the growth of mobile networking the requirement for an easy to read from mobile and computer website has been growing. The website market has developed to a stage the one page websites have become more popular with single dynamic businesses that offer a single type of product. This is because it allows them to express so much while the customer is just scrolling down rather than having to navigate to find the information they want.


We hope to see Giraffe Coaching grow as their work is something that speaks to so many people on a national scale and with their new designs and website they can push their business forward.


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