Met1 on the Cat Walk

Hasbro, one of our longest-lasting clients, came to see us a few months ago with a highly unusual and challenging task.

The American maker of Monopoly, Cluedo, Star Wars, Transformers and dozens of other toy and game brands had teamed up with Fyodor Golan, the trending women’s fashion business. The two companies were keen to blend the powerful market appeal of Transformers with the glamour of the upmarket fashion industry.  They wanted to jointly create a premium giveaway with which they could make a big splash at the 2015 London Fashion Show.

Their plan was to trail Fyodor Golan’s SS16 range by emblazoning the new styles onto a…Transformer!

But how do you dress a Transformer in roses? To solve this problem they needed a very special creative services agency. And that’s why they came to talk to Met One.

Aaron Dancer, our senior digital designer immediately stepped up to the plate. Aaron spends his working life immersed in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and other creative software packages. This time the challenge would test even his skills.

Aaron began by taking photos of the chosen Transformer car and loading them into Photoshop. Then he sized each individual panel of the car using the ‘guidelines’ grid in the software package. Next he marked out the exact shape of the panels using the sophisticated vector tools that allow for precise design. When this was done he printed the shapes onto sticky paper and cut them out. Finally he peeled the paper from the backing and applied the shapes to the car.

Some trial and error was involved as Aaron fine-tuned the size and shape of each section of the template until there was a perfect fit.

In total, 14 separate panels had to be designed, cut and fitted to the Transformer.

When the prototypes were proven, Met One printed the shapes onto sticky-backed paper bearing Fyodor Golan’s chosen fashion design for the project, the rose theme.

Now the entire staff of Met One, plus a few supporters, gathered together to cut and stick the paper panels onto the Transformer cars. Three hundred of them!

With the car completed, thoughts turned to the packaging. Met One’s director Martin Fenner designed a box and sleeve using the same rose theme. Both of these were printed and manufactured at Met One’s premises using state of the art machinery.

Hasbro and Fyodor Golan are both delighted with the result. Maria Harris from Hasbro commented, “The Met One team really delivered a great result. We are glad we chose them for this project.”

Does your company have an important creative task that must be done just right? Get in touch on 01753 887 177.

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