Why have we created these guidelines and what is their scope?

  • To help activate our employees to use social media in a positive manner to build their personal brands and act as ambassadors for Met1 and its clients.
  • To create a sandbox for participation on social media; and to reduce the risk of damaging the Met1, Publicis Groupe or client brands.
  • These guidelines cover the personal use of social media channels by Met1 employees, including but not limited to: social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Renren; blogs like WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr; microblogs like Twitter and Weibos; forums + wikis like Wikipedia; video sharing sites like YouTube and Youku, and photo sharing site like Flickr.

Employees as Met1 ambassadors

  • We wholeheartedly encourage employees, as representatives of Met1, to use social media as a way to connect our brand – and when appropriate our clients’ brands – with stakeholders and influencers in the online space.
  • Even when you are using your personal social media accounts, clients and others see you as if you are representing Met1, so we encourage you to always be professional and positive on social media.
  • We encourage you to link to posts and articles about communications trends, data, case studies, scenarios, quotes, anecdotes and personal observations, and build a personal brand. Wherever possible, link to graphs, slide decks, photos, videos or screenshots to add visual appeal. Do respect copyright and do link back to the source.
  • We trust you to always use good judgment. We ask that you don’t share any Met1 or client confidential data. The best guideline is: never share something on social media that you wouldn’t share with a journalist on email. In all cases, we expect you to respect the confidentiality agreement you have signed with Met1.
  • We would ask that for work-related matters, please focus on those that are within your particular area of job responsibility. When you do talk about work directly, be human, and interesting. Try to add value and create positive energy, instead of endlessly being negative. Your tone should be personal and conversational — as if you are talking to an office colleague, not as if you are writing a press release. Be yourself. You rock.
  • As an Met1 employee, and not an official spokesperson, consider clarifying in any blog posts or tweets that the views expressed in your postings are your own, or link to a post on the Met1 blog or social media profiles to add context.

Talking about Met1 and Publicis Groupe clients

  • We encourage you to have your own opinions and points of view. However, working at Publicis Groupe means that every brand is a present or potential client. So, we would ask you to avoid engaging in any negative or controversial brand-related conversations on social media and focus on the positives. Specifically, we would ask you not to comment on an issue or crisis of any kind in which a Publicis Groupe client is involved.
  • When you do talk about an Met1 client, we would encourage you to proactively mention that it is a client (using the #client or #cl hashtag), as disclosure. Indeed, in the US our employees are required by FTC regulation to indicate in their posts or tweets if a company is a client.
  • Some clients, as a policy, ask agencies not to talk about them or their brands on social media. We must respect these client policies and refrain from referencing these clients at all, even in a positive or neutral context, unless specifically approved by the client.