Tardis Medical Consultancy

TMC have become one of our best clients and they continue to grow as our business grows creating a strong relationship between the two companies. Tardis Medical Consultancy established in 2003 and have been growing consistently ever since. Their major work includes seminars with pharmaceutical companies for various reasons.


TMC have an office within Chalfont St Peter making them an ideal client for ourselves as we have quick and easy access to communication with them on any matters allowing us to provide the best service to meet their needs. This also makes our work easier as delivering them print can be done on the day it is completed allowing us to meet their schedule affectively.

We have developed a great relationship with them when it comes to our print. During their growth they began developing packages that are adapted specifically to meet to the needs of their clients however this was creating an issue of turn around. Giving them maybe 1-3 days to produce hundreds of documents at the highest standards. Met1 fulfilled that need as we took their hard work and ensured it was proofed, neatened and then printed on high quality paper with whatever finish they require whether that was wiro bound or encapsulation.


The most important part of this for us is the idea of customer relations, something we have been growing into as a business and taking our goals as a business and developing key points to ensure we are providing the best for any business we communicate with.

  • Ensuring we deliver our work on time
  • All work is approved by the client to reduce chance of mistakes
  • Communication is maintained with client at all time


We have been working hard to ensure their work is to the goals of their business. We have developed a great relationship with the people at TMC who are nothing but helpful in allowing us to deliver the service they want straight to their office at the quickest time available.


We hope to grow and hold our keys goals and aspirations as they have done.


Check out Tardis Medical Consultancy at http://www.tardismedical.com/



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