VOPAG also known as the Village Older Persons Action Group is a amazing business that looks into the development and awareness of the local people. They look to ensure that they are given a space to converse and exchange views of common interest and concern in a open environment. They do this by having a range of speakers throughout the year.


Met1 were tasked with the development of a Christmas information card. This was to be given out to member of VOPAG to inform them of all the events in the coming months and also give some more information about VOPAG for those that are not informed. They conducted an art competition for the design of the front cover of the card and then the card was given to us with the tasking for developing a Christmas Card style information card.


The task was an amazing success and the people at VOPAG were extremely pleased with the work that we did with them so much so they tasked us with the same a few months later, this time detailing the events of the autumn to allow them to continue to inform their members of their events.


Met1 are experts in branding. We have worked with some of the biggest companies to help them brand different aspects of their business from sending fresh modern ideas through websites to the development of cool colourful graphics to capture the eyes of the next generation. Branding is really important for a business, without defining who you are as a brand you will not be able to express yourself to the customer using your adverts and other marketing techniques.


Met1 therefore began to take VOPAG’s work and begin to brand their designs. We developed a template for the design of their information card so that repeat customers will be able to identify the images with VOPAG. This messaging means that VOPAG will be able to create a link with their messaging and the customer.


VOPAG are a wonderful company and we are so pleased to have developed designs they are pleased with and continue to choose us to add our designs to their work.


Check out VOPAG at http://www.bucksvoice.net/vopag/

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