Wanda and the Alien. How Met One helped bring it home.

Wanda and the Alien is a highly successful children’s book series published by Random House (RH). RH partnered up with digital publishing company Komixx to take Wanda to the new media markets. Komixx began their extraordinarily successful run by licensing Wanda and the Alien to appear on Channel 5’s Milkshake programme as an animated cartoon.

Children loved it, and rightly so.

Then RH and Komixx decided to take Wanda in-house. Literally. They wanted Wanda, her delightful three-headed Alien friend and the other characters to be emblazoned across everything that a child might have in their home. This could include duvet covers, crockery, pyjamas, drawing books, wallpaper, curtains and schoolbags.

But it was vital that their presentation to all these hard-headed merchandisers was delivered absolutely perfectly. They could not afford for anything to go wrong. That’s why they called in media design and print experts Met One.

Komixx commissioned Met One to design and produce an invitation and presentation box that could be used to pitch potential merchandise partners. The box must capture the huge excitement generated by Wanda and open up all the commercial advantages of being associated with her and her pals. It must ‘sell’ the proposition in an instant.

There were other demanding criteria for the box. It had to be:

  • True to the brand
  • Pristine, High Quality
  • Big and Graphical
  • Bold
  • High Impact
  • Symmetrical within the box
  • Light (for post)
  • Robust

Met One took up the challenge. Within two weeks we had designed and manufactured:

  • A superb presentation box that epitomised the colour and charm of the Wanda characters
  • A colourful invitation to the screening of the first show
  • A USB stick that contained an episode of the TV series wrapped in a business card
  • A detailed sales sheet including key facts about the show
  • Three books from the series

Two hundred copies of the presentation box and its contents were delivered, on time, to RH and Komixx executives. Maddie Stewart, the creative lead at Komixx and our principal contact within the RH/Komixx partnership was absolutely thrilled and gave us this comment:

“This is fantastic. The invitation box for Wanda and the Alien looks great.

Thanks once more for all your help on this project.

Maddie Stewart


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