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Yalden DIY and Garden in a stunning business that works in so many different departments ranging within the household and Garden and we have been working with them on some recent projects to ensure they are showing their business in the light it deserves.


The first part of this project was looking at the design and creation of a fully-fledged website. This included a range of products pages detailing the various services and products that Yalden supplies. Accompanied by loyalty and trade forms for their consistent customers and finally a RSS feed for the front page to ensure that their customers are getting the best deal possible and getting those deals all the time through seeing it on their social medias but also on their website.


This meant going through a long process build. With a large amount of content such as images and text we worked hard to make sure we consistently held the aesthetic of the build throughout. The outcome looks great with only minor issues throughout the build it was a lot quicker than first though due to the amazing help from the staff at Yalden and also the hard work from all of our staff to consistently out put content for proofing to continue the ball rolling at all stages of the project.


Following the completion of this project we were tasked with the completion of their marketing for their Chalfont St Giles show. As head sponsor Yalden wanted us to design and create some marketing pieces for their show. We designed them a fully material gazebo and also two three and a half meter banners too accompany this. We have to give a big thanks to Ultima displays that took our design and made it a reality and we couldn’t be more impressed with their work on the materials.


The design for the project was also followed with a A7 Business card style voucher which took a style we created a while ago and remade the design for this event. We took the old design and redesigned it with a new back to the card along with adjusting the content to the front.


Overall this project has been great. We have added another big website to our portfolio but also created some amazing outdoor pieces which we hope will last Yalden a long time and many trade shows for the future.


We at MetOne would like to thank Yalden for all of their hard work to keep the ball rolling and helping us out with content and other aspects. We really hope they like the work we have done as much as we do.

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