Debit Card Rebrand For ‘How People Bank Today’

by | May 14, 2018 | News | 0 comments

It’s undoubtedly the dream for any design agency to redesign a well-known component for a High Wycombe business. To be disruptive in design and challenge the norm can mean completely reinventing something in a way that could change how design of a product goes on in the future.

That’s why we love this story from Design Week – one part product design, one part graphic design, but completely inspiring. Working on a rebrand for their start-up banking service, Tide wanted to create a debit card that reflected how people use them in today’s world. After all, while technology, such as chip and pin, followed by contactless payment, has changed how we pay for the thing we consume, the overall design of the card hasn’t evolved alongside it.

So, how to redefine the debit card while still working within the parameters of a product that will function the same? Tide’s in-house design team came up with the idea of a portrait card, eschewing the tradition for cards to be landscape. According to head of design Caitlin Rich, the design reflects how we use cards today, including using them at a cash machine, slotting them into payment terminals and keeping them in the back of our smartphone cases.

The front of the card has been streamlined, moving all information such as name, card number and account to the back of the card. Not only does this give a cleaner look, but it also means that the more sensitive information remains hidden. We can also see another perk in this – when your internet shopping, having all your information on one side means a finish to tedious flipping over if you haven’t got your CCV memorised.

Blue has been chosen for the redesigned card because of its virtues of being refined and understated: “We’ve never designed in a blue this deep – a blue that’s warm and distinctive. It’s nothing like the corporate colours we’re used to, but it’s also nothing like the loud colours or design quirks that newer brands shout with,” Caitlin says.

Card design may seem like a frippery compared to the financial services a bank may offer, but for many people, it may be the thing that first attracts your attention. The debit card is something we all use on a day to day basis, so being able to have something that stands out from the crowd, or is even personalised, might be the thing that gets us to look into a bank in more detail.

The likes of Barclays offers the opportunity to personalise your debit card with a photo, something which has been engaging enough of a concept to form the basis of much television advertising campaigns. Similarly, an online payment system called Square launched a cash card, much to the amusement of its users who had no real reason to want it, which could be customised with a small sketch.

Much like the Tide card, this Square card had no numbers of personal information on the front, meaning that it could be shared on social media also – another element which is sure to play into Tide’s favour in this social media age.