How To Make Your Website More Trustworthy

by | Mar 20, 2018 | News | 0 comments

These days, with the majority of business being conducted online, it’s absolutely imperative that brands focus on their website and make sure that they appeal to their customer base… otherwise it would hardly be surprising if people decide to take their custom elsewhere.

First of all, you need to make sure that the appearance of your website is contemporary and in line with your competitors’. Ensure that it’s easy to navigate as complicated sites can inspire negative feelings and the harder people have to work, the more likely it is that they’ll click off and go elsewhere. It’s all about creating positive experiences, so that people are more inclined to complete purchases with you.

One option to help with this is creating a site with parallax scrolling. This makes it far easier for people to find out all about you – and let’s face it, with the amount of time we all now spend online it’s sometimes an awful lot of effort to click here, there and everywhere. Having a simple scrolling action is a lot easier, especially when on a mobile device.

Which brings us onto our second point – mobile optimisation! You need to ensure that your website is fully workable in mobile format so that when people do visit you on different devices they have the same pleasant experience on a smartphone as they would on a desktop PC. Your competitors are sure to have this in place and you must do as well.

You also need to prioritise customer service and while a contact page is still an absolute necessity, you should use all tools at your disposal. So perhaps consider investing in a chatbot so that people can ask your brand questions and receive answers quickly and in real time. Do this and you’re sure to boost repeat custom very quickly indeed.

Don’t forget about social proof, either. You should always strive to incorporate your social media platforms somewhere on your website, but also don’t be scared to feature reviews (good and bad), customer testimonials and product ratings so that people can make informed decisions. It’s all about transparency and the more transparent you are, the better.

With modern websites, you should also try to give them a human element. People will want to know that there are human faces behind your business so a fun and unique About Us page that has engaging images of all your employees with a bit of background information will go a long way to building trust.

And, of course, don’t forget that you need to keep your website updated with content and features, as well as product information. An inactive site will be a warning sign to many potential customers, so keep an active blog and do your best to reply to comments and visitor posts on your site and social media channels.

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