Greggs Rebrands As Gregory + Gregory… Or Did They?

by | Jun 4, 2018 | News | 0 comments

If you found yourself at this year’s Foodies Festival in London, a three-day event that attracts all sorts of leading food companies, as well as Michelin-starred chefs, you might well have come across new company Gregory + Gregory.

According to Chronicle Live, however, this new exciting bakery brand isn’t actually new at all – in fact, it was renowned Newcastle company Greggs, which decided to make their way to the festival as an undercover pop-up eatery to try and trick unsuspecting food fans into thinking the company was an artisan delicatessen!

Part of the ruse saw all Greggs branding removed from its Facebook and Twitter accounts, replacing the logo and putting it on a smart brown background instead. A video taken by the company shows people praising the new summer lunch offering, tapas-style dishes, capturing their reactions once they’ve been told that they’re actually enjoying Greggs’ products.

Commercial director at Greggs Malcolm Copland was quoted by the news source as saying: “London is a global gourmet destination from its street food scene to the incredible array of critically acclaimed restaurants – so where better to try out our new lunchtime range? The reaction to the new menu has been fantastic and we’re now rolling it out across the UK.”

The new menu includes oriental chicken sticky rice salad, a new vegan Mexican bean wrap, and a feta and beetroot dip salad with roast vegetable grain… all designed to appeal to a slightly different market to those who prefer the tried-and-tested sausage roll.

While you may not have the resources to carry out a similar marketing technique, thinking outside the box is certainly a good lesson to learn when it comes to trying to attract a different kind of clientele.

Having fun as a brand is a great way of encouraging interaction with people, which is also something worth bearing in mind. And you don’t have to wait until April Fool’s Day to play a few pranks on your customers… although it’s worth having a look to see what other companies have done on this, the silliest day of the year, to find out if there are any good ideas you could appropriate.

Google, for example, once played a trick on its users, telling them that they’d finally been able to allow people to search by smell via Google Nose. And H&M once announced a collaboration with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, unveiling a line of the tech executive’s signature look of grey T-shirt and blue jeans. There was even an accompanying website for the new clothing range!

It’s worth remembering that you don’t always need to go for the hard sell and in fact, these days, doing this and nothing but this can be quite damaging for your company. Consumers are very discerning and they’re looking for more from the companies they shop with than just a range of products – so consider this the next time you’re talking to your High Wycombe design agency about where to take your brand.