Web Design Relaunch For Gmail – Refreshing a Brand

by | Apr 16, 2018 | News | 0 comments

Even the biggest brands around will give their company aesthetics an overhaul from time to time and it could be that you’re considering something of a refresh at the moment, whether it’s to do with some of your products, your logo or you think your web design ideas could be updated a little.

According to The Verge, Google has plans in place to redesign its Gmail web interface, with a fresh clean look and new features added to regular accounts. This will include Smart Reply, which will allow people to snooze emails!

Of course, the specific details of the new design are being kept under serious wraps for now but there was a recent redesign of the Google Calendar so you might get a few clues from that. It was updated with cleaner event boxes and more modern colours and icons – and it’s not unreasonable to suggest that Gmail may follow suit with its own impending redesign.

Anyone with a personal Gmail account and G Suite customers will see the redesign in the coming weeks because an early access programme is being rolled out, with critical Chrome extensions due to be tested to make sure the new experience on Gmail is compatible before it’s made widely available.

A Google statement read: “We’ll share more details on The Keyword and G Suite Updates blog when the [Early Adopter Programme] opens but you can expect the following features (and more) in the new Gmail experience: A fresh, clean look for Gmail on the web, easy access to G Suiteapps such as Google Calendar from within Gmail, Smart Reply on the web, just like on mobile, [the] ability to snooze emails and choose when they reappear in your inbox [and] offline support.”

It can be difficult to know if it’s time to rebrand and redesign, but you’ll certainly have to do it in the future at some point if your brand has been around for some time. Your logo and aesthetics do have shelf lives and it’s worth remembering this – what works at the launch of your business may not reflect how your company has evolved over time, after all.

First, think how long ago your current logo was designed. Remember that your logo is one of the strongest marketing tools you have in your arsenal and you will need to give it a bit of an update at some point. Google makes small changes to its logo every few years or so in order to keep up with the industry the brand is in – and you should adopt a similar strategy as well.

Another way you can tell if you should be doing a bit of a redesign is whether your logo and other branding converts well on sites or social media platforms. If not, then you should look into this as a top priority as people are spending increasing amounts of time on the internet – and your company needs to keep up with this.

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